Natural Florida Wildlife Returns To Tomorrowland Speedway During Tron Construction

Natural Florida wildlife returns.

Orlando, Florida — An immense amount of natural Florida wildlife has returned to Tomorrowland Speedway since it’s been closed down due to construction for the upcoming Tron attraction at Magic Kingdom. Guests to the park have witnessed alligators, turtles, and native birds over the past few weeks reclaiming the land they used to call home.

“We’ve cut down on a lot of air and noise pollution since we shut down the attraction,” said Magic Kingdom operations manager Joseph Cutway on Tuesday. “They seem to like the fresh air and how quiet it is now in the area”, said Cutway.

Since the sighting of the wildlife, Disney has erected signs warning guests not to feed or approach the Speedway. But this doesn’t seem to have deterred everyone. “You just don’t see this every day, ” said Bob Shaw from Omaha as he tossed a churro over the ledge to an awaiting alligator. “A gator on a speedway, now that’s magical,” said Shaw.

It’s still not clear how much of an impact the Tron construction will have on the speedway or what will happen to the animals once completed. “We’ll probably just turn the gas engines back on and they’ll all go back to eating hot dogs from guests over at Fort Wilderness,” said Cutway.

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