Local Annual Passholder Made Honorary Castmember For Remembering Haunted Mansion Spiel

Ryan Thomas was made an honorary Walt Disney World Castmember on Monday.

Orlando, FL – In a totally non-sarcastic gesture on Monday, local Walt Disney World annual passholder Ryan Thomas from Windermere was made an honorary castmember for reciting the Ghost Host’s pre-show spiel in it’s entirety at full volume.

Castmembers of the attraction recognized Thomas’s uncanny ability to recite the approximately 130 word spiel from memory and wanted to make sure he got the recognition he deserved. “He just really knows it, I mean, I’m here every day and I really love hearing it recited by everyone else, especially for the first time visitors who really need to hear it from a bearded 23-year-old and not Paul Frees”, said Haunted Mansion castmember Cassie Fields.

Thomas, who visits Walt Disney World approximately 4 times a week, received the honor after leaving the attraction. “I’m really glad all the times I’ve visited paid off and I was able to inject a little magic into this attraction for everyone else by talking over it.”

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