Disney Opens New Smoking Section On Discovery Island

Discovery Island in Bay Lake is now a designated smoking section. Image: Sam Howzit/Flickr

Orlando, Florida — Walt Disney World has announced today that a new smoking section is available on the once-abandoned Discovery Island located in Bay Lake.

After previously announcing that smoking would be banned in all U.S. theme parks in March, the company seems to have decided that another solution was needed. “We initially planned to just have folks walk to the front entrance to the designated stations there, but this option seems to make more people happy,” said Walt Disney World operations director Keith Langley. “Now instead of just walking to the front entrance of Magic Kingdom, smokers need to take a monorail to the Contemporary and then a boat to Fort Wilderness where a security officer in a fishing boat will meet them half-way to finally escort them to Discovery Island, ” said Langley.

Not everyone is happy with this new adjustment to the no-smoking policy. “Seems like a really long way to walk, but sometimes you just need a smoke,” said Trevor Brown, who is visiting with his family from Georgia. “It took two hours from the Dumbo ride to get to the smoking section and then all my clothes got wet cause they kinda just make you jump off the boat, I missed my FastPass for Haunted Mansion, I am just glad I’m able to spend some quality time with my family when I get back in the park.”

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