SCOOP: Disneyland Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Reservation System Just Pager From Chili’s

Leaked image of the pager.

This is a developing story, check back on The Monorail Times for further updates.

UPDATE 11:50 AM Eastern: The Monorail Times has learned that the reservation system for the approximately $1B expansion Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland is just pagers from that closed down Chili’s in Anaheim.

Sources close to Disneyland say the system was the most cost effective way to handle the onslaught of crowds for the new land when it opens on May 31st. Details of the system are sparse, but we do know that pagers will have a 10 foot range from the entrance of the land and Castmembers will call names over loudspeakers when a guest’s time for entry to the land is upon them.

UPDATE 12:15 PM Eastern: Pager is not spill-proof.

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