Walt Disney World Introduces New WALL-Ecv Transportation Service

The new WALL-ECV.

Orlando, FL — Disney and Lyft announced on Friday a new ride-sharing service dubbed WALL-Ecv. The new service, which allows riders to request an ECV for transportation around the park resembles the lovable, hard-working robot WALL-E who is left to clean up Earth after an apocalyptic environmental disaster leaves it uninhabitable.

The system, which is the first on-call transportation option inside a theme park, is just like Walt Disney World’s “Minnie Van” service. Requests are all done through the Lyft app. A guest requests a ride, and then a friendly CM uses a WALL-ECV to meet them at the pick-up spots located throughout Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts and then onto their destination.

Artist rendering.

The new WALL-ECVs will also be capable of scooping up trash throughout the park and compacting it into cubes to be distributed in the nearest trash can or Keenz wagon.

What do you think about this new service? Will you use it? Leave us your comments below.

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