NBA Experience Accidentally Turned Into Spirit Halloween Store

A simple mistake.

Orlando, FL — The newly opened NBA Experience at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs entertainment complex has mistakenly been turned into a Spirit Halloween store.

The owners of the Halloween retailer were apparently confused by the NBA Experience’s lack of customers. “We kind of assumed it was a closed down Toys R’ Us and just moved in”, said Kevin Chambers, head of store operations for Spirit.

Cast members were seen outside the attraction, which received the requisite orange banner like all abandoned retail buildings this time of year. “This is not a Halloween store, this is a $35 per person basketball experience,” shouted NBA Experience cast member Dylan Torbo at confused guests, including Tracy Ford from Atlanta, Georgia.

“We thought it was Halloween store, but then we found out it was a $35 per person attraction where you throw basketballs?” “I wish it was a Halloween store”, Ford said.

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