New Disney CEO Bob Chapek Captured Saving Beloved Disney Intellectual Property From Sinking Jungle Cruise Boat

Newly appointed Walt Disney Company CEO Chapek tried his best, but could not save them all.

Walt Disney World, FL — In a totally un-staged and spontaneous event, newly appointed CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek, was caught on camera rescuing beloved Disney intellectual property from a sinking Jungle Cruise boat at Magic Kingdom on Thursday.

The boat named “Bomokandi Bertha”, skippered by Dreamfinder, began to take on water quickly during it’s regular tour at Magic Kingdom. Guests aboard the vessel, which included popular Disney characters such as Groot and Figment started sinking after the deluge of water overwhelmed the fiberglass vessel.

“I’m always prepared for this, I got the call and dove in the water”, an out of breath Chapek told The Monorail Times at the scene. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to save them all”, said Chapek. “Little Groot, who is going to play a big part in our upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction at Epcot, I was able to grab him first and bring him safely to shore.”

According to witnesses, some porgs latched onto Chapek’s shoulder and were rescued. “These little guys deserve some blue milk from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge” said Chapek. Figment, the purple mascot of the Imagination Pavilion, was able to swim on his own and hop aboard another boat before being relocated back to Epcot.

Unfortunately it wasn’t good news for all the passengers. “I still don’t know what happened to Dreamfinder, but I found a guest’s iPhone while I was down there”, said Chapek as he walked away, through a door at Club 33.

The Jungle Cruise reopened to guests two hours after the incident.

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