Imagineer Spends Free Time Heckling Spaceship Earth Animatronics At Empty Epcot

Imagineer Grant Miller says heckling the animatronics relieves stress.

Walt Disney World, FL — A Walt Disney World Imagineer is spending his free time during the resort’s shutdown heckling Audio Animatronic figures at Epcot’s Spaceship Earth attraction.

Imagineer Grant Miller says it relieves stress during the closure and that he “really hates those smug Phoenicians, taking credit for everything”. Since the attraction is closed, the ride vehicles aren’t moving, so Miller walks the track insulting each Animatronic along the way.

“Wow, you’re such a good artist, not,” he yells at one of the first scenes showing how man made early cave drawings. “

“Nice boots!” as he passes by a later scene showing how computers have shaped communication, featuring an animatronic with an afro. “You’re not gonna like what happens next!” he screams. “They have no idea what’s coming in the refurb, I like to taunt them”.

Walking the descent back to the ground level, Miller recites a modified version of the attraction’s Judy Dench narration. “Here’s to another 30,000 years on Spaceship Earth,” Miller mimics in a fake british accent.

“If they only knew”, he said.

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