Epcot Security Guard Getting Pretty Good At Topiaries

Epcot security guard Robert Jones has learned some new topiary skills.

Walt Disney World, FL — An Epcot security guard at Walt Disney World resort says he’s “getting pretty good” at maintaining the park’s many Flower and Garden Festival topiaries during the coronavirus shutdown.

Guard Robert Jones first took it upon himself to trim a very overgrown Beauty and the Beast topiary located in the France pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. “Beast had grown a full-grown weed mane”, said Jones. “I fixed it up to make it look a little better, I think I did alright, I’m definitely getting better at it.”

“It’s kind of like making it up as I go”, said Jones as he trimmed the dress of the Belle topiary. “I guess I could be some kind of fashion designer now too.”

It wasn’t always an easy road for Jones to start trying to fix the park’s many iconic topiaries. “First I started with Figment, but then I kind of messed him up and it looked like he was making some sort of rude gesture, I ended up cutting his hand off after that.”

“I thought I was fixing the Winnie the Pooh topiary, but ended up it was just a normal bush”, said Jones. “So I gotta work on that.”

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