Spaceship Earth Sent To Live At ‘Nice Farm Upstate’

An artist’s rendering of what Spaceship Earth is doing now at a nice farm upstate.

Walt Disney World, FL — Disney officials announced on Tuesday that the classic Epcot landmark and attraction Spaceship Earth has gone to live at a “nice farm upstate”. The attraction was set to close for refurbishment on May 26th, but the status of that refurbishment has been uncertain due to the global pandemic.

“Spaceship Earth is at a nice farm upstate, where they are able to to be happy and enjoy time with other geodesic spheres,” said newly appointed Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle. When asked to be more specific on what “upstate” meant or which state Spaceship Earth is now located, Vahle replied “Let’s just say they are very happy there, they get to play outside more, and eat lots of food, so let’s remember the good times we had with our favorite geodesic sphere attraction”.

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