Mission: Space Cast Member Forgets About Family Left In Hypersleep

The Johnson family from Trenton, New Jersey are currently in hypersleep in the currently closed Mission: Space attraction.

Walt Disney World, FL — A family of four visiting Walt Disney World on March 15th, before the entire resort shut down, is believed to be in Hypersleep on the Mission: Space attraction in Epcot.

A visibly shaken cast member, who has been at home during the closure and who wished to remain anonymous, remembered the family still in the attraction after an all-day binge of space travel related movies on Netflix. “I watched Apollo 13, and then watched a couple Star Wars films, but it wasn’t until I watched Contact that I remembered they were still in Hypersleep.”

The family is believed to be the Johnsons, a family of four from Trenton, New Jersey. The family members include mother and father Kim and David and two daughters, Jennifer, 6, and Janelle, 10. The family opted for the orange side of Mission: Space, which is more intense training, and involves a slingshot around the moon with 6 months of Hypersleep and an eventual landing on Mars.

With Walt Disney World being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s impossible to reach the capsule the family was traveling in and check on their status, but it’s believed to be they are safe.

“Honestly, being in Hypersleep for six months right now sounds pretty nice,” said the cast member.

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