Woman Who Eats Two Pound Cinnamon Roll Every Day During Disney World Trip Worried About Health Effects Of Wearing A Mask

An image from a past vacation at Walt Disney World. Credit: Claire Marks

Walt Disney World, FL — A woman from Clermont, Florida who regularly eats a massive cinnamon roll from Disney World’s Gaston’s Tavern is worried about the health effects of being required to wear a mask when Disney World parks reopen in July.

Claire Marks, who admits she has a sweet tooth, says the mask rule would infringe on her rights as an American to how she takes care of her body. “Sure, I do consume 3000 calories every morning, but I do a lot of walking,” Marks said during a phone interview with The Monorail Times. “The mask will really get in the way and it will be hard for me to breathe in between my chomping down on this massive sugar and carb bomb.”

“I already have to walk a really long way to get to the smoking section, so, really, they want to make it worse for me?” Marks said while constantly coughing over the phone.

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